The 12 million combinations on its electronic lock will keep your kids guessing (though you’ll want to really hide those backup keys). However, depending on the situation, you might want to think more about whether it’ll help protect against the thieves in your area. If a thief attacks the safe with brute force, it will not hold up for as long as a 10-gauge steel safe.

The reason why we’ve put the GunVault GV2000C-DLX on this list is because it has the largest interior volume we’ve seen for a handgun safe, practically 2x all the competition. The GV2000C-DLX is so big that it even has two shelves, which help maximize the amount of weaponry and accessories you can store.

This size is probably what makes the GV2000C-DLX just as popular as the 10-gauge safes amongst handgun owners. If you want a safe that can fit a lot, and are more worried about your kids than determined thieves, the GunVault GV2000C-DLX will do you will.

Sample configurations inside the GV2000C-DLX include:- 3 subcompact 9mms, flashlight. S&W M&P 40, two magazines, full ammo box. Inner Dimensions: 6? H x 9? W x 12 3/4? D Capacity: 0. 398 cubic feet Outer Dimensions: 8 1/4? H x 10 1/4? W x 14? Construction: 16-gauge steel Weight: 14 lbs Locking mechanism: Electronic keypad lock, side opening door12 million combinations on electronic lock – keep those burglars or kids guessing until eternity!

Electronic keypad lock will need battery (9 volt) replacement No lifetime warranty.

5 year manufacturer’s warranty… 1 year warranty. Large volume, 2x the norm. Made in USA California DOJ Approved Only has 16 gauge steel… Electronic keypad lock will need battery (9 volt) replacement No lifetime warranty. Why do I need a handgun safe? #1 reason you need a handgun safe: theftAccording to the FBI, handguns are stolen more than any other kind of gun!

If you think about it, that’s not really surprising. By definition, handguns are relatively small. Therefore, they are easy to move, use, and hide. Think of those “young thugs” you see on the news. When they’re “packing heat”, they’re usually tucking handguns away in their sagging pants.

Where do you think those handguns might come from? Well, the answer usually is… ’t lock those guns away properly! Fortunately, because you’re reading this, you’re someone who’s taking responsibility and trying to make sure no thug gets your guns. 1 threat to handguns. The safe you get should keep that in mind!

#2 reason you need a handgun safe: kidsSometimes, tragedy strikes when a young child stumbles upon their parent’s handgun. Because handguns are small, children might easily mistaken them for toys and cause something disastrous to happen. Buying the best handgun safe possible helps you be a more responsible gun owner and parent.

Part of growing up in a Second Amendment-friendly household is having a healthy respect for guns. Putting your pistol or revolver under lock and key is a way to show that respect. When they get older, your children will thank you for leading by example.

A word of advice: once you do put your handgun in a safe, put that safe somewhere higher up. That way you can reach it, but your young child cannot. That adds an extra layer of protection, and will help your truly have a childproof gun safe situation.

Most important factors for finding a handgun safeLocking MechanismA good locking mechanism will make a huge difference when it comes to protection against both thieves and children. Thieves can sometimes open badly made handgun safes by slamming them against the ground (to disengage locking pins) or prying the doors open.