These Particular Backpacking Pants Are Convertible

They are made from a blend of cotton, nylon, elastane and fitting with an athletic aesthetic, they’re just as comfortable for a fancy dinner as they are at the trailhead. The best shooting gloves will either be made of cool and comfortable material allowing air to escape or circulate, and in case of sweating, absorbent […]

Why Do I Need A Handgun Safe?

The 12 million combinations on its electronic lock will keep your kids guessing (though you’ll want to really hide those backup keys). However, depending on the situation, you might want to think more about whether it’ll help protect against the thieves in your area. If a thief attacks the safe with brute force, it will […]

Is PMC Ammo Corrosive?

One sound that will often bring coyotes running to your location is the coyote pup distress. Even though coyote pups are grown to adult sizes by this time of year, the coyote pup distress (Ki-YI) has brought males and females running to our calls, we rarely leave a setup without using this sound. At the […]